Polar Express Tickets Blackstone Valley Rhode Island

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Photo Tour

Welcome to THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride Train Station and THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride

Gather before the train ride to meet and take photos with the Conductor and other characters, write letters to Santa and visit Santa's Gift Shop 

Be greeted by the Doorman Write and mail letters to Santa

Meet the Engineer

Meet the Chefs and Santa's Elves

Meet the Conductor

Get your boarding ticket

Time to go

We're off

Get your ticket punched by the conductor

Meet Santa Claus on the train

Receive a gift from Santa

Receive a delicious cookie

Have a delicious cup of hot chocolate

Color along on your journey

Sing along to your favorite Christmas carol

View the book as it is read on the train

Enjoy the ride on THE POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride 


After the train ride, meet with Santa and receive a free photo


Blackstone Valley Tourism Council presents this official POLAR EXPRESSTM Train Ride event by permission and under license of Warner Brothers.